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Connecting N3 Pro to the DDpai App Getting Familiar with the Dashcam Screen Video Settings Dashcam Settings User Center

Connecting N3 Pro to the DDpai App

1、Guide to connecting N3 Pro:

a.On the Device screen of the DDpai App, tap Connect new device and enter the selection screen. Then tap Screen-less Dashcam.

b.On the wizard screen, tap Next and Connect to Wi-Fi in sequence, and the detected dashcam Wi-Fi will be displayed (e.g., DDpai_N3 Pro_XXXX). then tap Connect.

c.Connect your smartphone to the dashcam's built-in Wi-Fi DDpai_N3 Pro_XXXX, with the default password: 1234567890.

-For iPhone: Find settings, select WLAN, and connect to the DDpai_N3 Pro_XXXX             

-For Android: Find Wi-Fi list, connect to the DDpai_N3 Pro_XXXX.


2、Once connected successfully, you will be taken directly to the real-time preview screen (Now & back) of the DDpai App for the dashcam.

When connecting the dashcam for the first time, the following prompts will appear:

-When prompted to modify Wi-Fi password: Please modify the password according to the actual situation, and keep the password safe after modification.

Note: If you forget the password, press and hold the rightmost button on the dashcam for 6-8 seconds to restore the default password and reset the dashcam to factory settings.

-When prompted to switch to other networks: Choose Keep Connection.

 Note: Choosing Switch WLAN will disconnect the wireless connection with the dashcam.

-When prompted to enable high compression video encoding: It is recommended to choose Enable. After enabling it, the video quality of the recorded footage will be improved and clearer than the default configuration.


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