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DDPAI IPS Intelligent Hardwire Kit

Natural Fit

- Intelligent recognition of vehicle status

- 5 layers of protection

- High temperature flame retardant

- Original design

Intelligent Recognition Of Vehicle Status For Better 24-Hour Parking Monitor

With ACC + constant power wiring technology, IPS hardwire kit work with DDPAI dashcam can intelligently recognize the vehicle status. After the car is turned off, time-lapse recording will be automatically started at 1 frame per second. 30 times longer recording time and better 24-hour parking monitoring.

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    24H Parking Monitor
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    Power Management Technology
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5 Layers Of Protection For Reliable Recording

5 layers of protection greatly improves the self-defense ability of the hardwire kit, and can intelligently protect the dashcam and car battery.

Over Load Protection

When the current exceeds the pre-set current, the dashcam will be automatically shut off

Low Voltage Protection

Set up low battery voltage according to the car battery condition. When the battery voltage is too low, the dashcam power is automatically cut off to effectively protect the battery.

Short-circuit Protection

Built-in output short-circuit protection unit. When the output port is short-circuited, it will be automatically cut off to prevent dashcam damage, and will automatically recover when the fault is removed.

Over Current Protection

Auto-distribution of current prevent damage to the recorder from high currents.

No Need To Break Cable
Safe and Reliable Installation

Power from the fuse box rather than the cigarette lighter, the cable can be hidden completely. No need to break car cable while installation. With voltage setting function, set an acceptable voltage for car battery for safe and reliable recordings.


Standard Types Of Fuse Tap
Fit For Different Car Models

Equipped with mini, small, medium fuse tap for different car models. Quick installation, fit perfect.

High Flame Retardant and Thick Cable
High and Low Temperature Resistance

Use high-strength flame-retardant ABS, 22AWG pure copper core, thicker than the general cable, with high current-carrying capacity, high electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity. Through a number of rigorous index tests such as tensile strength, distortion, aging, high and low temperature, the cables are more stable.


Original Appearance Design With Unique Texture

Change the large and thick shape of the traditional hardwire kit, design sleek and compact appearance originally, matte black color, smooth feeling, highlight DDPAI LOGO, unique texture

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Dash Cam Hardwire Kit

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