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1. Product Introduction 2. Installation Instructions 3. APP Connection 4. Interface Introduction 5. Function Introduction 6. Maintenance 7. FAQ

Safety Precautions

Before using this product, please read all precautions and operating instructions to ensure correct and safe use.

1. Please do not debug the N1 Dual dash cam or watch the video on your mobile phone while driving, and pay attention to driving safety.

2. Please do not install the N1 Dual dash cam in a location that may block the driving view.

3. Make sure to use the power cord included in the product package. Other power cords may cause fire or short circuit and electric shock due to defective products.

4. Make sure to use Class 10 high-speed card (Max. 256GB). When using the device, please do not insert or remove the TF card. Please format it through the App before use, otherwise it will not be recognized. It is recommended to format the dash cam regularly through the app to ensure better maintenance of this product.

5. Please do not open the dash cam shell or repair it yourself. If this product fails, please call the official customer service for relevant consultation.

6. The dash cam is not only suitable for vehicles, but can also be used in other places and can be powered by an adapter.

7. If a power adapter is used for power supply, an adapter that meets standard requirements should be purchased for use.

8. The pictures in this operating guide are for reference only, please refer to the actual product.

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