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1. How do I format a memory card?

After the mobile phone successfully connects to the device, enter the "Camera Settings" interface, tap Management and select Format to format the card.


2. How to export the driving video in the memory card?

Use the card reader to connect the TF card with the computer, and you can export the driving video.


3. What do folders in a TF memory card stand for?

There are four folders under DCIM folder in TF memory card. See the following table for details of each folder.

Folder Name


200 video

There are two status files in this folder: Normal video files, such as 20190719161640_0060.mp4, "60" indicates the duration of the video in seconds. Time-lapse video files start with "S", such as S_20190719154514_0364_0030.MP4, "30" indicates the frame rate, that is, 30 frames per second, and "364" indicates the length of the video in seconds.

201 photo

The photo triggered by the collision begins with "G", for example, G_20190524113544_035_0005_L.jpg, and "L" indicates that there is associated video, which will not be covered by loop.

202 thumb

Used to store thumbnails


203 gps

Used to store G-sensor data


















If the camera sensitivity is turned off in the camera settings, emergency photo and video files will not be generated in the event of a collision.


4. What is the Wi-Fi password of the dash cam?

The default Wi-Fi password of the device is "1234567890". You can change the password, go to "Camera Settings" > "Set WIFI Password" after connecting the APP with your mobile phone.


5. Can I change the Wi-Fi password of the dash cam?

It can be modified. The specific modification method is to enter "Camera Settings" interface after the dash cam is connected to the mobile phone, select "Set Wi-Fi Password" after entering, enter a new password, confirm it, and save it.


6. How do I reset the dash cam?

In case of abnormal state, press the reset button with a pin and hold for approximately 6 seconds to reset the device. After successful reset, the device will automatically start up.


7. What if I forget the Wi-Fi password?

Press the reset button with a pin and hold for approximately 6 seconds to reset the device, and then connect the dash cam again (default password: 1234567890).


8. Why can't I see the image of my rear camera?

Please ensure that the rear camera cable is firmly connected to the front camera, and observe whether the rear camera indicator light is solid green. Then enter the "Now&back" interface of the app and tap  (Lens Switch) to switch to view the image of rear camera.

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