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DDPAI mini3: the almost PERFECT 2018 Dash Cam - review by Tech4All


The dash cam is unique by offering embedded internal eMMC. Supports resolutions up to 1600p. Which is 2688*1600. On theory this is quite a significant upgrade to 1080p and is supposed to bring much more details. Like twice more. The DDPAI mini3 has a convenient windshield mount. The connector type is perfect too (a 3.5mm jack) – taking it in and out is a matter of seconds. 


One of the extra features of the DDPAI mini3 is the 24/7 surveillance possibility which can work if you provide constant wiring: simply locate your fuse box and find a slot with constant power, then gently install the cable and you are all set. The mini3 has intelligent voltage detection: When car engine is on, the camera will automatically start recording.; When car engine is off, the hardwire will detect the voltage drop and then the camera changes to parking mode – recording 1 FPS; sort of time lapse. When car battery voltage lowers than 12.4V or 12V or 11.8V ( voltage optional in app settings ), then the hardwire will cut off power automatically – to preserve the cars battery. 


In addition, the defaulted maximum time of parking monitor is 24 hours - no matter of the voltage value, the hardwire kit will cut off power automatically. We didn't quite mention the hardware – dual core HiSilicon chipset (manufactured by Huawei). The sensor is Omnivision 05A10, the Lens is with F1.8 aperture and 140 degree FOV and configuration via smartphone app. Apparently there is a lot of influence from the Huawei engineering and I am not surprised to see that many good things so far. 


We continue with the SR technology – stands for Sense Reality – based on a 6-axis gyroscope the dash cam is collecting data about your trip, including acceleration, trajectory and deviation and some of that is visible via the smartphone app settings. Daylight footage is superb, so is the low light and night footage. A lot of detail, sharp picture, good colors. There even is a way to reduce the fisheye effect via a setting in the app. 


I think that the video quality is up to par with the price tag. In two words – simply excellent. An extremely reliable product. I was pretty skeptical at the start, after figuring out what the price was (almost 140 USD!). But the DDPAI mini3 clearly is a high end dash cam that has tons of features that the others will be catching up with in the next months and years.