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DDPAI x XPeng customized dash camera launched at XPeng Auto Boutique Mall


Recently, the XPeng customized version of Mini5 and Mini3 Pro dash camera launched at Xpeng Auto Boutique Mall, Xpeng Automobile is smart car brand who more knows China. DDPAI dash camera, focus on the features with high-definition picture quality, good looking design, high playability and other functions, to bring innovative and interesting travel experience for the owners of XPeng cars.



DDPAI x XPeng customized dash camera launched at XPeng Auto Boutique Mall
DDPAI and XPeng jointly developed Mini5 and Mini3 Pro to adapt to Xpeng Auto P7 and G3, which connects with the original adapter Xpeng auto directly, also achieve parking monitoring and all DDPAI feature functions.


The fans of Xiaopeng Automobile are also very enthusiastic. They spontaneously summarized and shared the installation tutorials, the boarding effect and experience in the community. The remote control capture of the staring and SR special effects brought a new way to record the wonderful journey, which won many owners' praise and sharing.

For example, Mini5, the definition of 4K picture quality is not only to see the license plate clearly, but also to shoot the beautiful scenery VLOG. In addition, Mini5 has a cool SR function. The speed, distance, altitude, acceleration, etc. data showed at the footage, that is amazing experience.


Xpeng Automobile is a leading intelligent electric vehicle designer and manufacturer in China, as well as a technology company integrating cutting-edge Internet and artificial intelligence innovation. Xiaopeng Automobile is committed to leading the future transportation mode through data-driven intelligent electric vehicle revolution. Now Xpeng G3, P7 are available.


DDPAI, founded in 2013, is committed to using innovative technology to change human travel and life style. Through visual perception and artificial intelligence, DDPAI creates a new generation of image consumer products, inside and outside vehicle perception system and Internet of Vehicles platform, enabling intelligent travel and sharing interesting life.

As highly innovative domestic enterprises, DDPAI and Xpeng Auto keep innovating and upgrading in different areas of smart travel, so that more owners and friends can experience intelligent, convenient and interesting car life. In the future, DDPAI will cooperate with Xpeng Automobile to create more intelligent travel experience with innovation.