Upgrade the Firmware via App

Our App and camera firmware will be updated regularly, you can update the firmware via the App. Please follow these steps to upgrade the DDPAI App and the latest firmware version onto the DDPAI Dash Cam.


1.Open the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile device and connect to the Dash Cam via Wi-Fi.
2.Once you are connected, launch the App. You will get a notification asking you to upgrade, accept to upgrade.
3.If you don’t get the notification, you can tap on "Me > About" in the App to manually upgrade:Tap on see more to view more information about your Dash Cam. If an update is available, a  will appear. Tap on the New firmware available now to bring up the download page. If the App is the latest vision, a notification of "Current version is the latest" will pop-up.

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