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· 1600P HD recording · Built-in eMMC storage

· SR supernormal technique · 24H parking monitor

1600P HD for photographing and recording

mini3 is equipped with HiSilicon flagship dual-core Cortex A17+Cortex A7 processor as well as OmniVision 05A10 image sensor, which effective pixels up to 5 mega-pixel photos and 1600P (2688*1600) HD videos, with the image clarity about 1080P*2. What come into view is as clear as possible.

* Videos can be displayed smoothly on mobile phone like iPhone 6/Honor 5X/MI phone 4/ Samsung Mobile S6.

Reinvented innovation of built-in eMMC 5.1 for better storing

The built-in eMMC 5.1 memory works 10x faster than traditional TF card, it exceeds 5000 times with a speed up to 100MB/s. Awesome performance in real-time watching, previewing and downloading videos about driving. Safer to save important data in advance.

  • 5000

    TIMES read and write
  • 50M/S

    read and write
  • 10X

  • 5X

    read and write SPEED

* Besides downloading with WiFi, mini3 equipped with USB interface and the matched USB data cable, once linked to the computer via them, data transferring and downloading to be ultrafast.

Simpler data transmission by directly linking

Besides downloading with WiFi, mini3 equipped with USB interface and the matched USB data cable, once linked to the computer via them, data transferring and downloading to be ultrafast.

Unique SR supernormal technique gives you a different driving experience

Built- in high-precision 6-axis gyroscope by SR advanced high technology, to which 33 experienced professional engineers have devoted themselves for 380 days, for precisely detecting and recording driving situations, such as acceleration, steering, driving up/down the slope and lane changing, simultaneously generating a special cool interface to share the travelling track, to give you an amazing driving experience.

* Sense Reality refers to the high-precision 6-axis gyroscope redisplaying what happens during driving to record every moment by algorithm. To record every trip by overlaying points demonstrating the occurrence of incidents on the videos.

24H parking monitoring, even beyond your vision sight

DDPAI mini3 comes with specifically designed hardwire kit for parking monitoring without key evidence missing. One-second, one-frame time-lapse recording technology extends the parking monitoring coverage time and storage data by 30 times, and reproduces wonderful instantaneous changes.

* The Intelligent hardwire fuse cable kit is a necessary accessory that enables Parking Mode.
* Intelligent hardwire fuse cable is sold separately.

Rotating capturing in all directions, more beautiful pictures under mini3

The product body can rotate in 360 angled by novel structure design. To thought fully record beautiful scenes, either the outside scenery or portrait inside the car.

With WDR, to capture vivid and clear videos in any situation

With F1.8 aperture, light gathering improved by 20% compared to F2.0. With WDR and automatic light exposure, to capture vivid and clear pictures in any condition, even at night.

One click wireless snapshot, never miss wonderful moment

The third-generation button to capture wirelessly, can take a picture and 10s videos (5s before and after). You can synchronically download pictures and videos to mobile phones via Wi-Fi.

Wireless interconnection with smartphone via built-in Wi-Fi

Your smartphone and the mini3 can be connected via built-in WiFi module, which facilitates real-time previewing, downloading and redisplaying videos on the smartphone.

DDPai App community, enjoy and share your car life

You can edit photos and videos, and share to the DDPai “On the way” community with the scale of more than 1,000,000 members, or share to WeChat, Microblog and other social network service, such as wonderful scenery, unexpected accidents, excellent videos and so on.

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Simple but not simple, A delicately designed and integrated structure

The graceful body of mini3 is an integrated unit, and is shielded with metals which speeds up heat dissipation, and the pure black body carefully painted, as black as the night sky, gives a delicate touch feeling as exquisite as art craft.

Package contents




CPU: H.264 codec, 1600P@30fps HD video coding, low power consumption

Image Sensor: 5 MP CMOS sensor

Lens: 6-layer glass, an infrared filter, 130° wide angle, F2.2 aperture

Technical specification

Wi-Fi Module: Build-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

Storage: Build-in eMMC high speed flash, loop recording

Video Output: Wireless video output, support Android/IOS device

Gyro sensor: Built-in six-axis gyro sensor, motion locking, adjustable sensitivity via App

Video Resolution: 2688×1944

Photo Resolution: 1600P

RAM: 2Gb


1. How to change the Wi-Fi name and password of the Dash Cam?

Make sure your dash cam is connect to App, then go into Me->Settings->Camera Settings, tap on Camera Name to change your Wi-Fi name, tap on Camera Password to change your Wi-Fi name. In case you forget the password, use a pin insert into REST hole to restore to default settings, initial password is 1234567890.

2. what is emergency video?

When the G-sensor is turned on and a motion or impact is detected, the dash cam will lock this related video. These recordings (maximal 5 clip) will not be replaced by the newest loop recording.

3. Shall I keep the dash cam connected with my phone when it is working?

The dash cam starts to record videos automatically when the car is started without needing to connect to your phone. However, if they are connected, you can preview, download, and play back the videos from the app on your phone.

4. What is Parking Mode?

When the Dash Cam goes into standby for longer than 15 minutes, the DDPAI Dash Cam will go into Parking Mode, in this mode, you can select normal recording (30 frames per second) or time-lapse recording (1 frame per second).

5. Will high temperatures affect the DDPAI Dash Cam?

DDPAI Dash Cam protects itself in high temperatures. When the DDPAI Dash Cam's electronics reach 160F, the device will go into shutdown and automatically recover when it cools down.

6. Does mini3 uses battery?

No, this Dash Cam comes with a capacitor.

7. I am seeing a solid red light and the App fails to connect to the dash cam. What can I do?

Please format the eMMC to reset your card, then try to reset your dash cam.

If you still have a problem, please email to, and our support team will be happy to assist you.

1. I can't connect to my DDPAI Dash Cam from the App?

There are several reasons this may happen:

1) Ensure the DDPAI Dash Cam has been turned on (the working indicator light is blinking slowly).

2) Ensure you can find the Wif-Fi from WLAN (Android) / Wi-Fi (iOS) list, one common problem is that your phone/tablet disabled App from trust application. You need to have your device enable DDPAI App permission, from Settings-> Security and privacy-> Application Permissions, to the DDPAI Dash Cam Wi-Fi. It may also help to connect to the DDPAI Wi-Fi directly from your device's Wi-Fi settings menu, then returning to the DDPAI App and proceeding as usual.

3)In cases when your device installed third party App manager, find DDPAI App and enable all permissions.

4) It may also help to power cycle (reboot) the DDPAI Dash Cam prior to attempting to connect via Wi-Fi.

2. How does the Wi-Fi work? Do I have to turn on hotspot on phone?

You connect your phone to the camera Wi-Fi in order to access the photos and videos. It records video whenever it has power, so your phone doesn't have to be connected to it for it to record. It has it's own memory card, so it doesn't have to be connected to your phone to save data.

3. After connected with the dash cam Wi-Fi, why can't my Android access it's mobile data?

Due to an Android bug affecting all dash cams, the phone cannot access mobile data while it is connected to the DDPAI Dash Cam's Wi-Fi. If you want to use your phone's data network, simply connect to the DDPAI Dash Cam's Wi-Fi when you need to watch the recorded videos only.

4. Wi-Fi is always disconnected?

First, go in to Settings > Wi-Fi and hit the menu button, then select Advanced. You should then see "Scanning always available" with a checkbox next to it. Uncheck the box and your device will no longer scan for networks at all times. 

Second, if  "Scanning always available" checkbox is checked, make sure your smart phone is near the dash cam.

Third, make sure your devices are not surrounded by too many Wi-Fi networks.

1. What is kind of storage does this device use?

eMMC, stand for Embedded Multi Media Card, almost all mobile phones and tablets use this form of flash for main storage. in consumer electronics, the Multi Media Card (MMC) is a memory-card standard used for solid-state storage. DDPAI mini3 use MLC eMMC build in storage, 5000 times reading/ writing life span, 50M/s reading/ writing speeds.

Here is the benefits of build in storage:

1) No need to install TF card, avoid damage that cased by repeatedly plug in or plug out;

2) Embedded build-in design, avoid records missing cased by TF losing due to heavy motion/ impact.

3) Faster reading/writing speed, no fame missing.

2. How to format the eMMC storage card?

you can format it via App. Long-time use of the card will compromise the read / write speed. We suggest you format it regularly to make video recording smoother.

3. How do i access the history recordings with eMMC build in storage?

you can access Dash Cam by connecting it to PC via an Android phone's USB data cable.

1. How do I update firmware of the DDPAI Dash Cam?

First, make sure that the DDPAI Dash App is updated from the app store.

Next, open the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile device and connect to the DDPAI Dash Cam via

Wi-Fi. Once you're connected, open up the App. You will get a notification asking you to update.

If you don't get the notification, you can click on the bust in the lower right corner of the App to manually update. If you cannot update the firmware via DDPAI Dash APP, you can also update the firmware by connect it to PC. Here is how to update the firmware via PC:

1) Download the latest firmware for your camera and copy the firmware folder you have unzipped onto the eMMC storage.

2) Power on the camera and it will apply the firmware automatically. 

Note: Device red indicator will blinking while updating. Do not power off the device while upgrading.

1. What is SR?

SR (sensor reality), augmented reality sensing data, is designed to reproduce the driving process and behavior by visualizing the data.

Through high-precision 6-axis gyroscope that build-in the Dash Cam, you can know the driving performance, such as rapid acceleration, sharp turn, uphill and on downward slopes, and lane change, and simultaneously generate the exclusive cool track interface, which can be shared in time.

2. how does SR work?

The Dash Cam records driving data by default. You can choose to display or hide driving data from video playback and download interface. After the downloading, go into album, play the video in landscape mode, from the upper right corner to toggle on embed the driving date into the video, that is, the video of the SR effect is generated.

3. Can I pair my Dash Cam with 2 Remote Snapshot?

Currently you only can pair one Remote Snapshot with one Dash Cam, the latest pairing will replace the previous one.

4. Why the Remote Snapshot is not working?

First, make sure the Remote Snapshot is near your Dash Cam, second, make sure it is not run out of battery (blue light blinks while press it), third, pairing Remote Snapshot with Dash Cam again. Please let us know if you still have issues with the Remote Snapshot.

5. What if the mount loses it's stickiness?

There is a spare 3m adhesive pad. Also clean the mounting area before re-attaching it to the windshield.

6. How to keep the lens clean?

Do not touch the lens with your hands to avoid fingerprint smudges. Use a clean soft cloth to wipe the lens when it gets dirty. For better results, please keep the car windshield clean to avoid contamination.

7. What is IPS dual secure power technology?

DDPAI has applied for patented IPS security power protection technology, double protection for software and hardware. When in parking mode, it also detects battery voltage through software and hardware and will cut off if it senses the battery voltage is lower the pre-set voltage. The camera goes into standby if the battery voltage is low. When in standby, DDPAI Dash Cam starts recording again the next time you start the car.




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