IPS Intelligent Hardwire Kit

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IPS Intelligent Hardwire Kit

Natural Fit

- Intelligent recognition of vehicle status

- 5 layers safety protection

- High temperature flame retardant

- Original design

Intelligent recognition of vehicle status, better 24-hour parking monitoring

Changing the traditional single wiring, using ACC + constant double wiring technology, after the adaption of DDPAI mini3, it can intelligently determine the vehicle operating status. The dash cam automatically enters 1 frame per second time-lapse mode after the car shuts off, which will increase parking monitoring coverage time and data storage by 30 times, better realize 24-hour parking monitoring.


5-layer safety protection, for safe driving

5-layer safety protection, greatly enhance the self-defense capability of the hardwire kit, more intelligent protection for your dash cam and car battery.

Anti Over Load

When the current exceeds the pre-set current, the device automatically shuts off to protect the Dash Cam.

Anti Low Battery Voltage

Set up low battery voltage according to the car battery condition, when the voltage is too low, it will cut power to Dash Cam to protect car battery effectively.

Anti Short Circuit

Built-in output short-circuit protection unit, when the output port is short-circuited, it automatically cuts off to prevent device damage, and automatically recovers when the fault is removed.

Anti Over Current

Auto-distribution of current prevents large currents from damaging the Dash Cam.

No break-in installation, safer and more reliable

Drawing power from fuse box, completely invisible wiring, it does not occupy cigarette lighter, nor interface other external devices usage. No cable breaking installation, comes with the voltage setting, the owner can set a reasonable voltage value to protect the car battery according to the vehicle condition, safer and more reliable driving recording.


Standard multiple types of fuse tap, fit for multiple models of car

Taking into account the different car models, the official standard comes with three types of fuse taps, large, medium and small to facilitate quick installation, and achieve a perfect fit.

High-fire-retardant material, thick wire, high-and low-temperature resistant, more stable

Using High-strength ABS flame-retardant material, pure 22 copper core, thicker than the general wire in market, large flow capacity, good electrical and thermal conductivity, Wire rod has been tested for a number of rigorous indicators such as tensile strength, twist, aging and high and low temperature.


Original design, distinguishing texture

Change the traditional hardwire kit's large and wide shape, original sleek and compact design, matte black color, delicate touch, highlight brand logo, distinctive texture.




Input Voltage: DC 12V- 24V (Switch frequency 350KHZ)

Input Current: No-load current≤ 1mA, load current≤ 1.5mA

Parking Monitoring: Support detection of car on/off status, and inform Dash Cam (Communication via serial port) 

Low-voltage Protection: Setup protection threshold via App, default is 11.8V (Communication via serial port) 

Short-circuit Protection: Support short-circuit protect, auto recover

Input Terminal: Anti- reverse wiring

Output Voltage: Load voltage 4.7V-5.3V, no-load voltage 5V-5.5V

Output Current: 4.7V 1.5A over-current protection point is less than 2A

LED Indicator: No

Output Ripple: ≤100mV


Length: Front 1m, rear 2.5m

Input Jack: Full 22 cooper cord, bullet jack, positive: yellow; negative: black; ACC: red (connect to fuse tab)

Output Jack: Micro USB

Outer : 3.5mm in outer diameter

Micro USB: Right angle in mini3 (Follow-up support for other models)


1. What's the use of hardwire kit?

DDPAI hardwire kit features Intelligent power management ability, it will stop your car battery from descending below a certain battery level, preventing potential damage to your vehicle. When your hardwiring kit senses the battery dropping below the 'minimum' level, which you can pre-set from DDPAI App,  it will automatically cut off your power - and as a result, you will never have to worry about your vehicle not starting up, and your dash cam will still be able to record while your ignition is off. Dash Cam automatically enter 1-second 1-frame time-lapse mode after the car shuts off, which will increase parking monitoring coverage time and stored data amount by 30 times, better realize 24-hour all-weather parking monitoring.




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