Immersive Racing Experience

Patented Magnetic Interface
Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS & G-Sensor
1080P Full HD & Super Light Vision
Remote Capture & Single Click Sharing

Social Car Camera with Mobile Connection

  • Synchronous Footage
  • Live Preview and Playback
  • Video & Photo Download

With built-in GPS module, M4 is able to record driving data such as route, speed, acceleration, and direction, all of which will be synchronized by mobile devices. The driving route, relevant photos andvideos can be displayed on the map module on the APP as well.

Different from the traditional dashcam which has small screen, low resolution ratio and is computer based video watching, DDPai dashcam allows users to watch the video by mobile devices without downloading in advance. Users can preview and playback video on the mobile devices conveniently.

In addition to the 10 seconds video captured by the wireless snapshot button, you can also download any other video segments (no more than 5 mins) by dragging the progress bar from downloading page on the APP.

Patented Magnetic Interface

Passed sever aging and gravitational acceleration test, the cam won’t fall down when the vehicle bumps.

Flexible shooting style, record the wonderful moments on the road

With its built-in polymer lithium battery, M4 is able to work for 3 minutes after taking down from the magnetic holder.

Wireless Remote Capture

Remote control snapshot button allows you to capture a photo and 10 seconds video which 5 seconds before click the remote snapshot button and 5 seconds after.

Don't let the moments slip away

Hit the Headline

Share your driving stories on our social community to hit the headline.

Sharing On Social Community

Besides sharing the photos and videos that users capture on the road in DDPai’s APP social community, we could integrate your journey’s information, such as footage, location, and photos, and generate a road trip story with the notes. Users could share them to your own social media platforms as well.

Edit Travel Now Sharing on Your Social Media Platforms

Automatic Loop Recording

MP4 Format_H.264 Code_1080P@30fps Full HD Support maximum of 32 GB TF card (7 hours storage) 1920*1080 Resolution Ratio (Changeable)

Multiple Image Processing Technology

  • WDR (wide dynamic range)
  • Auto Scene Adjustment
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • 3D Denoising
  • LDC Geometry Correction
  • Demist

M4 supports WDR—guarantee high quality image, even in the brightest or the darkest place

The camera will automatically detect the picturing scene (i.e. backlight, dawn, nightfall, cloudy day) and adjust to appropriate parameter to ensure high quality image. In the scene of speed changing (i.e. in or out of the tunnel), the camera is able to promise the perfect connection and avoid white screen or blank screen.

Digital image stabilization technology is special for image improving and parameter optimization in the scene of driving. It ensures clear snapshot image when the car is in high speed or passing the speed bumps.

Regarding the noise problem of the CMOS image sensor, DDPai camera has inserted 3D denoising processor which can significantly eliminate the noise in the situation of low illumination. With the support of image sensor and large aperture lens, DDPai camera can make the night vision much clearer.

Barrel-shaped distortion on edge of the image is a general problem for most 120+ degree wide-angle lens. To solve the problem, DDPai camera adopts LDC geometry correction technology which can tremendously remove the fisheyes effects and consequently reduce the barrel-shaped distortion.

DDPai camera has a function of demist which assists to improve the sharpness of the image in foggy weather.

Ultra-high Image Quality

Hisilicon industrial monitoring chipset solution and low-illumination image improving technology Sony Exmor COMS Sensor and F1.8 apertuer lenz

Hisilicon Processor SONY Image Sensor F1.8 Aperture


The built-in 3 axis acceleration sensor is able to capture a 10 seconds video (5 minutes before and after) automatically when a serious collision is detected. The video will be sync to your mobile phone automatically as well.

Dual USB Charger

Dual USB charger (5V@1.0A and 5V@2.1A) is able to charge your mobile phone and DDPai simultaneously. Customized 3.5 meters USB charging cable is suitable for different types of car.


The pure black package creates an image of “simple but fashionable” for M4.


Size & Color
Core Hardware Processor Format H.264 and 1080P@30fps full HD loop recording; Low power consumption and high image quality
Image chip SONY IMX322 Exmor CMOS Sensor (1/2.9 Inch Full HD): 2.8μm X 2.8μm super large pixel; High sensitivity and low illumination
Lens 6-class glass lens and 1 infrared filter; 110° horizontal angel and 140°diagonal angel; long-focus; F1.8 aperture
GPS Built-in GPS module and ceramic chip antenna (M4 excluded)
Technology Parameter Wireless module WiFi wireless module - used for mobile phone; 2.4GHz wireless module - used for remote snap button
Storage Class 10 high spend TF card - maximum of 128GB with 7 hours storage; 1080P full HD image; Loop recording
Video Output Wireless video output; Support Android/iPhone system; Dual-stream output – low stream for preview use while high stream for saving, playback and downloading
G-Sensor 3 axis acceleration sensor; Adjustable sensitivity setting
Lithium battery 260mA polymer lithium battery
Temperature -20~70℃
Image Processor WDR The main chip supports WDR technology – adapt to the brightest and darkest scenario
Scenario adaptation Adapt to different scenarios including backlight, daytime, nighttime, snowing, raining and etc..
Digital image stabilization Prevent image fuzzy when car shakes
3D Denoising Eliminate the noise in the situation of low illumination
LDC Geometric correction Remove the fisheyes effects to reduce the barrel-shaped distortion
Demist Prevent image fuzzy in fog whether
Image adjusting Changeable image quality (1920×1080@30fps, 1280×720@fps, 960×540@fps) to decide recording time; Unchanged image resolution (1920×1080)
Social Skill Photo Beautifying APP supports multiple filters
Social network APP supports “On the Road” socia community
Self-driving Dairy APP supports automatic story editing; M6 provides driving routing (M4 excluded)
Photo Sharing Photos, videos, and self-driving stories sharing; APP supports multiple social networks (Weibo, Wechat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc.)
Peripherals & Interface Voice Input High sensitivity Mic
Voice Output High power loudspeaker (1w)
GPS & Power interface High strength magnetic interface
Power Input 5V@1A~2.1A
Packaging & Accessories Remote snap button 2.4GHz wireless remote button; LED light indicator; low power consumption
Charger Dual USB charger (5V@1A / 5V@2.1A)
3M glue holder Magnetic interface holder; GPS module (M6C excluded) and battery management module
USB charging cable 3.5 meters USB charger cable