Social Car Camera| How To Use | Installation

M5/M5S:The middle blue light is operation LED, flashing means normal working. The first green light is power LED, flashing means normal working. The third green light is WiFi LED, the indicator keeps on when APP is not connected with camera, then starts flashing after connected.

M6:The power red LED keeps on is normal working. WiFi green LED 1f/1s is normal working. The blue LED, flashing is searching GPS information, keeps on is positioned successfully.

M6C: The power red LED keeps on is normal working. WiFi green LED 1f/1s is normal working. Blue LED keeps off is normal working.

mini:The red light is operation LED, flashing means normal working. The blue light is parking mode LED, when blue is flashing and red keeping off means under parking mode.

When in playback interface on APP, make it full screen or horizontal screen, then drag the single progress bar to left side to playback the recorded videos. This only plays the videos on TF card directly, will not download to mobile phone to occupy storage space.

When in preview or playback mode, make it full screen, click scissor icon to download any video within 5 minutes.

It;s highly suggested iPhone4s and iOS7.0 system above, all other lower systems are not supported with DDpai new APP version.

1. Format the SD card on APP”storage management” or on PC, please copy the data on SD card if necessary, in case of data losing after formatted. It’s better that format the SD card in every 2 weeks to make sure it’s normal recording.

2. Inserting and pulling SD card is forbidden when in recording mode, it may cause some physical damages on SD car.

3. Please choose the original brand SD card with high speed class 10 above. Max 32GB for Mini, M6/M6C, M5 cameras; Max 64GB for Mini2, M6 Plus cameras.

It may because you close the microphone voice, please open it on APP- camera settings-Open microphone.

Open APP on Android/iPhone, within the WiFi range of DDpai cameras, it’s defaulted as auto download pictures when clip remote control. If mobile phone is under standby mode:

1. Android will default auto download pictures even at standby mode, if Android users forbid running DDpai APP at background, then it will not download pictures at standby mode, users can choose manually download later. ( PS: DDpai APP V3.0 above has setting of”Auto download the captured file”, If “Yes” , it will auto download pictures while APP keeps running at background even at standby mode, If “ No”, will not.

2. iPhone will hang all the background programs at standby mode, so it will not auto download pictures, but can manually download later.

Open APP, Me-settings-camera settings-Capture with video clip, slide to right to open. After open it, click the remote snap to capture a photo, and record 10s video sync( 5s before and 5s after when click). The captured pictures and 10s videos will be separately saved to TF card, and can be auto/ manual download into mobile phone later.

Continuous beep voice: SD card is abnormal, please check whether SD card is inserted, and format SD card or change the new card.

Click sound of remote control:
1. Download captured pictures to mobile phone
2. Format SD card, close”Capture with video clip” to save storage space.

Reset key is near to camera card slot( with R or RESET mark), use one tool to long press it 6-10s until the camera restarts is ok.

starting up“Hello, 盯盯拍“: camera starts successfully

Turning off music: camera turns off

Clicks( taking photos): taking photos successfully

Tinkle( taking photos): taking photos so fast, please wait; downloading photos, please wait.

Jingle sound: adjusting the voice

Continuous tinkle: SD card is abnormal, not insert TF card; TF card is not inserted well; TF card memory is full, need to download or delete data.

DDpai cameras start auto cycle recording after connected power in car, all videos were recorded on TF card, it’s no related to mobile phone, but you can use mobile phone to preview, playback and download videos through DDpai APP directly.

No, the mobile phone is connected with camera via WiFi, just like the BT connecting ways, so it will not use 2G/3G data.

16G card can record 4hs under 1080P, 32G can record 8hs, and it can record longer time under lower 720P or 480P.

1. If there is new FW version published, APP will prompt to ask for upgrading( Cancel / OK). Or you can open APP-Me-About, click to detect the latest version, then it will auto download upgrade package.

2. Downloading the original upgrade package from DDpai website, extract it first and copy whole “upgrade” file into SD card, insert SD card into camera, connect camera with power, it will auto upgrade until the camera restarts again.

For Android 4.4 below, check “vcacamera” folder on TF card.
For Android 4.4 above, check Android/data/com.vyou.vcameraclient .
Use USB to connect mobile phone with computer , download the files you want from exact folder.
For iPhone, need to download itunes app to computer first, then connect iPhone with computer to find out DDpai App, choose the files you want and copy into computer.

1: The camera is not power on; or is too far away from your mobile phone.
Please turn on the camera by plugging in the USB cable into the power adapter (camera will starts up automatically), make sure the status lamp is on (Refer to‘me’- ’Help’- ‘Status Lamp’). Please do the settings near the camera.

2: Mobile WLAN is not turned on; or DDPai APP is not allowed to access your ‘WLAN’and ‘Location’.
Please turn on the WLAN of your mobile phone (DDPai APP will be authorized automatically when it is on). Make sure DDPai APP is allowed to access your WLAN and Location.
Setting Method 1: Set through the ‘ Access management’ of your mobile phone.
     1. Enter‘Settings’;
     2. Enter ‘APP Management’;
     3. Click ‘DDPai APP’, enter the‘Access management’ page;
     4. Allow APP to access‘WiFi ’, ’WLAN’, ‘Location’and other similar options;
     5. Restart the APP
(Parts of mobiles do not support)
Setting Method 2: Set through the third party.
     1. Select “Trust” in your third party Software Privacy Management .
     2. Restart the APP

3: Inappropriate settings of WLAN Brand.
Setting Method:
     1. ‘Settings’;
     2. Enter WLAN’ ;
     3. Enter ‘Advanced’;
     4. Find ‘WLAN Brand’and select ‘Automatic’
     (Parts of mobiles do not support)

4: The function of‘Scan all the time’of WLAN has been turned on.
Setting Method:
     1. ‘Settings’;
     2. Enter‘WLAN’;
     3. Enter ‘Advanced’;
     4. Find ‘Scan all the time’and select ‘turn off’;
     5. Turn off the WLAN and then re-turn on it

5: Hidden in the camera list.
Please re-check the camera lists and make sure the camera you install is included (Sometimes it will be hidden).

6: Mobile WLAN module is abnormal.
Trun off the WLAN and re-turn on it.

1: The option of‘Intelligent Switch Network’ of mobile phone has been turned on.
Setting Method:
     1. Enter ’Settings’;
     2. Enter ‘WLAN’;
     3. Enter ‘Advanced’;
     4. Turn off the ‘Intelligent switch network’ and other similar options.

2: The camera WiFi and mobile WiFi has been connected simultaneously.
Please turn off your mobile WiFi first

3: Incorrect Password
     1. Re-enter password 1234567890;
     2. If not work, try to reset the camera (restore factory settings) by pressing the small holes on the camera with a tiny ‘needle’.

4: Several mobile phones are connecting to the camera.
Try 1-2 minutes later

5: The camera seems to be abnormal
Re-start up the camera, or reset the camera (restore factory settings) by pressing the small holes on the camera with a tiny ‘needle’.

Step 1

Connect TF card to your computer via card reader.

Step 2

Download RAR file of corresponding model. After RAR file decompression (please select decompression to current folder), copy the folder “update” to root directory of TF card.

Step 3

Insert the TF card to your dash cam and connect with power supply. Then the dash cam will upgrade automatically.

Step 4

When upgrade is done, restart the dash cam to complete the final step.

Step 1: Connection

When you install your camera, open your mobile phone and then click 'setting' - 'Wi-Fi', choose the WiFi transmited by your camera (Same name as your camera).

Step 2: Video Preview

Open the APP and watch the real time video without previous downloading. Driving speed and direction displays on the screen. Video time delays within 300 milliseconds.

Step 3: Video Playback

To make an accident assertion, you just need to open the APP and playback the video by touching the thumbnail and the timeline. system adopts streaming media module (no more need previous downloading)

Step 4: Video Download

To download the video, choose a 5 seconds video by touching the thumbnail and the timeline on the APP and then press the download button. No more TF card or computer needed.

Step 5: Edit Photos

Apply filter lens and subtitle editor to make your photo more beautiful.

Step 6: Share on Social Communities

DDPai APP Version 5.0 has launched a social platform “On the Road”, from where you can, communicate with other car driver from all over the nation as well as share photos and videos. You can also share photos and videos on your Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and somewhere else you like.

Step 7: Setting & Updating

All the operation and setting should be completed on the APP. Click "Update" to update the software when the new package is launched.