DDPAI and JD.com reach strategic cooperation, lay out vehicle networking intelligent hardware market


DDPAI( Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd (Stock code: 870280, hereinafter referred to as "DDPAI")has signed a strategic cooperation contract with JD.com, Inc.( hereinafter referred to as "JD"), which will strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of big data analysis, to lay out the intelligent hardware market of vehicle networking, and jointly develop the automotive aftermarket.


Data shows that the number of dash cam in 2017 is about 13%, and it is expected that the proportion of smart dash cam will exceed 50% in 2019. With the rapid development of AI, consumers' demand for dash cam functions is also constantly upgrading."


DDPAI is a national high-tech enterprise providing visual perception solutions for industry customers and end users. According to DDPAI's recently released annual report for 2017, its revenue in 2017 was 156 million RMB, an increase of 85.31% over the same period of last year. At present, DDPAI has completed the full vertical system industrial chain layout,including market, brand, sales, research and development, supply chain management, production plants and customer service system. DDPAI has also achieved cooperation with SAIC Group, Geely Group and other well-known enterprises.


Luo Yong, the CEO of DDPAI, said at the signing ceremony, "This is an important cooperation between DDPAI and JD to seek common development and achieve win-win situation. Both sides will jointly lead the dash cam industry to the track of focusing on user needs, improving product quality, valuing user experience and strengthening after-sales service."

According to CEO Luo Yong, DDPAI will make use of JD's advantages in big data to deeply grasp and analyze users' habits and demands, and extend the field of dash cam to the ecological technology of vehicle networking.

At the signing ceremony, DDPAI mix3, which features exceptional night vision, has also been released. "mix3's Night Vision (NightVIS) technology is based on the visual abilities of nocturnal animals such as owls and wolves. Even in the starlight or moonlight, it can still clearly record people, scenery and objects around it," Luo Yong said.


In the future, JD will sell DDPAI's products in its 2000 offline stores,meanwhile DDPAI will provide training and technical support for the sales ofJD stores.

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