DDPai Amongst Top 10 Brand For Intelligent Car Recorder in China

DDPai News07-20-2016

Car dashcam is becoming more and more important in people’s daily life and the worldwide car ownership keeps raising in a positive ratio. As an innovative technique startup, DDPai Tech put a huge focus on R&D in the area of smart dashcam. On the day of 18th June 2016, DDPai was simultaneously shown in the CIAAS in Wuhan and the iTS EXPO in Shenzhen, winning the Top 10 Brands of China Intelligent Car Recorder as well as the ITS Golden Lion 2016.



                    CIAAS 2016 Wuhan                               iTS EXPO 2016 Shenzhen


      Top 10 Brands Intelligent Car Recorder                                                             ITS Golden Lion

DDPai has always been famous for its innovative, smart and internet product in the dashcam industry. With its unique features and the powerful internet social community function, DDPai has attracted a large quantity of users at a great lick. In addition to the latest product M6 Plus 4G, other welcomed products including M6 Plus, X1 and dedicated dashcam are all exhibited in the shows.




M6 Plus 4G is the latest DDPai dashcam which not only inherit the highest resolution of 1440P but also has a more powerful function - 4G. It means users are able to watch real-time video, monitor parking car, call the police, and make live telecast even in a far long distance.    


                                                                                                 DDPai M6 Plus 4G                                                                              DDPai M Series


Dedicated dashcam for specific cars is another point of interest in the shows. DDPai has combined the common shape characteristics of dedicated dashcam with DDPai-orientated wireless internet features, making the dashcam more close to the original car style. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Universal dedicated dashcam are all released to the market during the shows. Along with Huawei Hisilicon surveillance chip and 1080P image resolution, DDPai dedicated products are more likely to meet the market’s increasing demands.


DDPai Dedicated Series


The auto aftermarket is now in its rapid development stage. DDPai Tech will always keep innovating to ensure their products meet superior quality standards and provide an ultimate experience for end users.