DDPai In The Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition)

DDPai News05-17-2016

The 2016 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) has attracted more than 2459 exhibitors from over 31 nations and 58,000 professional visitors from around 153 countries taking part in the Fair.  
DDPai was present in the Fair this year. As the second time in attending the Fair (Autumn Edition last year), DDPai possess more experiences in assessing the oversea dashcam market as well as in showcasing product features to oversea clients. This time, DDPai brought about smart dashcam M6 Plus 4G which was viewed as one of the high-tech product in the Fair, drawing great attention of buyers particularly from Europe and Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, since DDPai is specialized in the end-to-end video solutions, clients in area of Drove cam, IP cam and sport cam have shown great interests in the company.
The success in the Fair not only helped DDPai win more attention as well as good reputation in oversea industry but also give more accurate developing direction for DDPia to expand in the future worldwide market. 
Further information on the new range of products can be found by visiting the DDPai website, at www.ddpai.com/en
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