A Successful Ending of 2016 DDPai Dealer & New Product Relea

DDPai News01-27-2016

DDPai has successfully hosted the 2016 Dealer & New Product Release Conference at Shenzhen Donghua Holiday Hotel. The conference gathered DDPai dealers all over the nation and organized a deep discussion referring the next step cooperation between DDPai and dealers.Meanwhile, a newly released product M6 Plus has further enhanced the confidence of dealers for the win & win partner relationship.
The team of DDPai has over decade professional experiences in video solutions, HD imaging and image processing.Since the introduction of one button snapshot and WiFi connection, DDPai smart dashcam were highly valued by the public, thanks to the support from DDPai dealers.
CEO Mr.Luo    VP Mr.Ye
CEO Mr.Luo was present on the conference to show welcome as well as introduced the fantastic new features of the released product M6 Plus.He also recounted the developing experience of the company and eventually thanks for the support from all the domestic dealers.  Meanwhile, VP Mr.Ye has analyzed the market channel development and shared his 10 years professional experiences and personal thinking with participants.He has emphasized how importance the sales channel was and has finally suggested dealers to utilize the product quality to win the market, avoiding price war. 
To thanks the support of DDPai dealers, DDPai has issued five awards including ‘Best Growth’,‘Best Promotion’ and‘Top Three Sales’ to indicate the idea of ‘Work Together and Win Together’ between DDPai and dealers.
Over the years, smart dashcam has been developed constantly, no matter dashcam for professional use or dashcam for public use. DDPai has been always insist the business concept of‘Use professional skill to create high quality product’. The domestic market sales revenue has also got a substantial increase in 2015.  
Regarding the company developing strategies in 2016, Mr.Luo said there would be more investments in brand building, for example, attending National/International Fair and arranging more online/offline promotion to earn the likes of end consumers. 
Further information on the new range of products can be found by visiting the DDPai website, at www.ddpai.com/en
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