Design Genuine Beauty DDPai mini3 is awarded by 2018 iF design competition

DDPai News02-01-2018

 DDPAI mini3 is awarded by the iF Design 2018 for its ultra original design on 30th January 2018. The iF design award is named as the Oscar of product design, representing the top industrial design authority. With accumulated humanity concept, DDPai mini3 won this honor among 6401 products from 54contries, presents the capacity of industrial design and technology innovating to consumers all over the world.

 Based in customer need, DDPAI presents exquisite design.

DDPAI design squad shares a common view that the process of producing genuine good product should come after the gradual perfecting definition of it . Customer need should be considered for better experience, after realizing the function.

 The spirit went through the mini3 producing process is ingenuity, which is fitting the contemporary aesthetic for customers. The product team takes the original attempt to use the EMMC built-in storage instead of traditional TF card, when noticing errors around TF card is becoming one of the major problem is dash camera market.

Designers of DDPai mini3 modified numerous time in balancing the simplification of the appearance and the construction of the product. They sincerely advocate  their faith by presenting the elaborate painting and high quality matte black outfit.

Product design march with market growth, conquering by innovation.

Raymond Loeway, the great industrial design master  in America, once said, the core aim of industrial design is to encourage product trading. Massive creative power can only be suggested when product design growing in the same pace of market. Designers from DDPai embalm the spirit, not merely design for beauty but the market need. In double eleven annual sales event, DDPai mini3 won the sales champion dash camera under 400CNY in China, which verifying the huge success of mini3, in every angle.

Its like a seed of innovation buried in designers from DDPai since the brand new category exploited by the brand with the exclusive remote snapshot controller in 2013. From visualizing, modelling to ultimately be published, numerous elements should be considered by designers. Under such pressure, designing is not merely a tool of product realizing but more like a creator.

     In reaching the perfect vision of product design, some extent of R&D cost need to be assumed by the company, which extremely required the spirit about pursuit of beauty and  faith on the products by decision-making level. DDpai attempt to transmit faith and originality by presenting every single product to consumers. The  world class honor awarded by iF is no doubt a verification from world class authority. Therefore, DDpai is completely ready to set off for the new adventure in 2018.