Social Car Camera

A social car camera that can share your driving videos, photos, and routing on social community.

Capture Your Traveling Moment

  • Preview
  • Playback
  • Download

Open the APP and watch the real time video without previous downloading. Driving speed and direction displays on the screen. Video time delays within 300 milliseconds.

To make an accident assertion, you just need to open the APP and playback the video by touching the thumbnail and the timeline. system adopts streaming media module (no more need previous downloading).

To download the video, choose a 5 seconds video by touching the thumbnail and the timeline on the APP and then press the download button. No more TF card or computer needed.

“On the Road” Social Community

DDPai APP Version 5.0 has launched a social platform “On the Road”, from where you can, communicate with other car driver from all over the nation as well as share photos and videos.

Beautify Your Photo

Apply filter lens and subtitle editor to make your photo more beautiful. More fun you add, more "likes" you get.

Create Your Own Little Video

Trilling event, traffic accident, beautiful scenery, funny moment...
Create your own 5-30 seconds video and share it on your Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and somewhere else you like.

Simple Setting and Updating

All the operation and setting should be completed on the APP. Click "Update" to update the software when the new package is launched.

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